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Custom Reports

During the 2020-2021 academic year, I took a leave of absence from UPenn to be the first product designer at Thrive TRM, a platform for executive recruiting.

When a company is hiring for an important executive position. It's industry standard for the search team for that position to give regular updates to different stakeholders on the status and details of that search. These updates usually come in the form of slide deck reports.

The reporting ability in Thrive was lacking, and we saw an opportunity to separate ourselves from the competition. This was my first big project at Thrive.

Some of my responsibilities
  • Partnered with Sr. PM to lead user research and ideate the feature requirements.
  • Worked directly with head of architecture to do a proof-of-concept of the reporting tool to see if we could even get data in Thrive into PDF form.
  • Led design on the end-user flow of creating a report from start to finish in our app.
  • Personally designed some of the first custom reports purchased by multiple Fortune 500 companies.
  • Coordinated with sales to give them info on the feature, which helped close multiple deals.

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