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Design System

During the 2020-2021 academic year, I took a leave of absence from UPenn to be the first product designer at Thrive TRM, a platform for executive recruiting.

From day one at Thrive, I oversaw our design system. It was my baby. Throughout my time, I made a few key changes.

  • Added new components to the design system and wrote up the technical details of those new components for engineers.
  • Transitioned from Sketch to Figma, combing through each component and taking advantage of Figma’s unique features, like variants and auto-layout.
  • Did a complete audit of our design system and our React codebase to more closely align the two, and annotate what the differences were.
  • Oversaw a major UI overhaul that included new colors, fonts, and components.
  • Helped streamline developer handoff with Zeplin. Merged a few PRs to directly connect our code to our design system.

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