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Empower the People

These designs won a Silver Key at the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.
Empower the People is a nonpartisan, Marjory Stoneman Douglas student-led movement, increasing youth awareness and engagement in government and society.

I designed the logo and branding for Empower the People, working closely with its leaders to develop a visual identity that would raise its profile, extend its reach, and make an impact.

The branding is uncluttered and establishes a cohesive identity, with the logotype set in Hurme Geometric Sans No. 4 with body copy set in Hurme Geometric Sans No. 3. It is accompanied by an arrow icon that acts as a motif throughout the identity, representing forward thinking and progress.

Empower the People on HLN - 11.6.18

Empower the People at the 2019 Citizens Debate.

I created a secondary color palette to create variety and interest.

Voter registration is a big part of Empower the People's mission. The logo was designed to be flexible and fit the various campaigns within the Empower the People brand.

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